Enhanced Security Through Central Monitoring at Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University, U.K. has enhanced student security and simplified its own operations with the adoption of the latest IP video technology from IndigoVision to provide integrated CCTV surveillance across its four campuses.

The IP-networked digital solution, based around IndigoVision’s security management system, SMS4, was designed and installed by IndigoVision partner CDS. Replacing an aging analog system, it allows monitoring and control across all campuses from control points, while maintaining local recording capabilities. The university’s main security control area uses Control Center, IndigoVision’s Video Management Software. Further workstation PCs have been installed at the other campuses, with Control Center allowing operators to view, control and interrogate all cameras from any site and at any time.

The 90 existing analog cameras have been upgraded to allow remote operation and monitoring with IndigoVision encoders. These are being replaced over time with a mix of IndigoVision IP cameras. CDS also utilized the university’s existing IT network to keep installation and transmission costs to a minimum. The new IndigoVision solution will allow Cardiff Metropolitan University to expand easily as it grows, while improved image quality from new cameras will provide better evidence when it is required.

Using IP-networked digital CCTV has transformed the university’s use of surveillance. 

“The central monitoring capability of the IndigoVision solution has improved security across all of our campuses, without costing too much for our budget, and we know we can expand the system when we need to," says Andrew West, facilities manager. "The improved resilience, scalability and ease of use of the IndigoVision solution all make this a very positive step for Cardiff Metropolitan University.”

The university’s cameras are connected to 13 IndigoVision MPEG4, 10 channel transmitter racks. These convert the analogue camera signals to high quality digital video for transmission over the IP network. All cameras record 24/7 on seven RAID one mirrored IndigoVision Network Video Recorders (NVRs) for 31 days. The storage capacity required is significantly reduced compared to other IP Video systems because of IndigoVision’s advanced compression technology and the use of the unique Activity Controlled Framerate (ACF) feature, which is built into the IP cameras and transmitters. ACF controls the framerate of the video stream based on the amount of motion in the scene. When there is no activity, video is streamed at minimal framerate; the instant any motion is detected, video is simultaneously transmitted at maximum configured framerate. This significantly reduces the bandwidth and NVR storage requirement for cameras monitoring generally static scenes or during quiet periods such as at night.


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