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February 2008


Distribution trends shift away from traditional dealers

Out of the Box

By Ted Turczyn

Until recently, security professionals had three primary system infrastructures to implement— video, access control and alarm systems—and the sales channels supporting these systems had different paths. Those dealers with greater financial resources, which often accompanied higher sales volumes, dealt directly with manufacturers. Small-business dealers, which typically dealt with smaller systems, purchased through distributors.

Sun, Surf & Surveillance

By Rod Motta

Stretching several miles, Mission Beach, Calif., is the most popular beach area in San Diego, and it draws large crowds during the summer. Various shops, restaurants and beach rental outfits line its narrow boardwalk. Mission Beach offers limitless opportunities for sunbathing, surfing, bicycling, skateboarding and other outdoor activities. Despite the beach area’s idyllic landscape, last year San Diego Public Safety recorded the largest number of violent crimes ever.

Making IT Your Business

By Monte Robertson

Sometimes it seems as if everything is about security these days. Homeland security, physical security, digital security— there’s constantly a new security issue that needs attention.

Information is Power

By Samuel Shanes

When an incident occurs on campus, the main obstacle is bridging the gap between those who have information concerning the event and those who need to know. Two examples can be used to analyze this problem.

On the Brink

By Paul Dawes

Think about it. Two decades ago, cell phones were the size of bricks and could barely receive phone calls; today, they are wafer-thin and offer Internet access. Traveling to unknown destinations required detailed instructions scribbled on a notepad; today a car’s navigation system will direct the driver while the kids watch a DVD in the back seat.


Ask the Expert

By Bill Savage

The Integrator's Voice

By Leslie Stevens

The Disaster Formula

By Col. Timothy D. Ringgold

The 9/11 Commission argued that federal HS aid should not remain a program for general revenue sharing.

To IT and Beyond

By Martin Huddart

When many industry observers talk about how IT is changing security, the discussion typically reverts to the concept of hanging 30-year-old panel technology onto 10-year-old Ethernet backbones.

Forging Ahead

By Rick Outland

As countless counterfeiting successes have demonstrated, depending on a visual inspection for document verification isn't enough.

Leaving a Legacy

By Dave Underwood

The security industry is clearly ready for IP video surveillance. Network cameras have been around for more than a decade, and they can now be found everywhere. Furthermore, the latest megapixel cameras offer image quality that is not available with standard analog cameras. Network bandwidth is already faster today than it was just a few years ago. Processing speeds on PCs continue to get faster while hard drives and other storage options continue to get bigger— all with the cost of computers, generally, decreasing.

Market Navigation

By Ralph C. Jensen

Beyond Fingerprints

By Megan Weadock

The United States isn’t the only country that’s cracking down on border security standards.

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