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May 2008


More Than Meets the Eye

By Ralph C. Jensen

For you and I, banks are a symbol of security. This faith in security has survived for our parents and grandparents, and even banks themselves exude a confidence of security to the general public.

Smoother Sailing

By John Diedam

The maritime industry is clearly one of the most powerful drivers of international commerce and economic vitality in the world. The statistics are astounding, including a worldwide fleet of nearly 11 million marine containers, a transportation cargo unit that can hold up to 500 computer monitors.

A Volatile Time

By Matt Scherer

If you’re a security integrator working with companies that store or produce chemical or petroleum products, your clients have probably asked for assistance with the Department of Homeland Security’s Chemical Facilities Anti- Terrorism Standards.

Virtual, and Reality

By Larry R. Rickard

Marquette University may not have Robocop, but school public safety officials are convinced they’ve got the next best thing—a virtual surveillance system that could make a dent in campus crime. What campus today isn’t thinking about and implementing key security plans?

Pull For Fire

By Michael Carter

In recent years, the wide acceptance of the Internet, cell phones, instant messaging, PDAs, online video and wireless networks has created an expectation that real-time information is available instantaneously, anywhere, on demand. Growing expectations are now being applied to all types of facility-based applications, but many fire alarm systems have lagged severely behind other applications like CCTV and access control.

A Safer Sanctuary

By Sharon Steinhoff-Smith

Protecting the safety of vulnerable adults used to keep Lara Parsons awake at night. Not anymore. The introduction of a security system built around plastic photo ID cards now helps Parsons, director of development at Shoreham Village, get a better night’s sleep.

Scram, Spam

By Daniel Ryan

Imagine if 100 people knocked on your front door each day, but fewer than 10 of them were trustworthy. The rest were crooks, con artists and aspiring criminals. That’s the situation facing today’s Internet users. Some skeptics believe there is no stopping bot networks, phishing schemes and digital scams.

A Lifeline to Protection

By Kim Rahfaldt

Newton Memorial Hospital opened its doors in 1932 with 40 acute care beds and 10 bassinets to provide healthcare to Sussex County, N.J. After acquiring 10 acres of land adjacent to the original parcel in 1961, NMH constructed a wing to house a new radiology department, clinical and pathology laboratories, an emergency room, an intensive and coronary care unit and a 20-bed general medical surgical unit. This expansion increased the hospital’s bed count to 148.

Give and Take

By Jim German

Monitoring is the cornerstone of the residential security industry—whether a dealer is maintaining an account itself or selling the contract to a third party.

Changing the Landscape

By Peter Wilenius

The evolution of IP video technology is rapidly changing the security industry landscape and creating both challenges and opportunities for security professionals.


Ask the Expert

By Brad J. Wilson

Fasten Your Seatbelts

By Megan Weadock

The inconveniences— and absurdities—that travelers face just to get through that checkpoint line seem to increase each year.

Awash in Wasted Cash

By Bruce Schneier

Since Sept. 11, 2001, our nation has been obsessed with air-travel security. Terrorist attacks from the air have been the threat that looms largest in Americans’ minds. As a result, we’ve wasted millions on misguided programs to separate the regular travelers from the suspected terrorists—money that could have been spent to actually make us safer.

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