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November 2008


One Size Fits All

By Thomas Varghese

Most people already know what ‘authentication’ is and how closely it is tied to accessing resources on the network. After some form of authentication, users typically either access resources directly or via technologies like SSO (Single Sign-On), which are then relied upon by the IT and security management as a central management console for controlling and managing access to resources across the enterprise. Unfortunately, most of us, including certified security professionals, assume that these technologies are enough to thwart fraudulent attempts to steal sensitive information.

Verify the Signature

By Tatiana Vazulina

Banks, financial institutions, municipal, state and federal governments are demanding more reliable, less expensive authentication and authorization systems for everyday activities, from performing financial transactions to boarding an aircraft, entering a secure physical location or crossing international borders.

Sensing a Silent Killer

By David George

Carbon monoxide detection has been around for some time, but has not been mainstreamed—until now. When NFPA 720-2009, which is a complete rewrite of the CO detection standard, was published, it addressed the trend of CO detection with concise remedies to alleviate any uncertainties. The standard brought about the opportunity to help facilities hone in on new protection strategies.

Screening All Visitors

By Fredrik Nilsson

When the Oconto Board of Education revised Security Policy 731, unified school district officials decided to deploy an integrated system that would enhance the safety of all 1,200 students, employees, volunteers and visitors entering any of the district’s three campuses. The goal was to devise a solution that would allow office staff at the elementary, middle and high schools to remotely identify visitors and control door locks at all three locations.

A Crime of Passion

By Sherleen Mahoney

Love often drives people to do some crazy things. One man, Larry J. Hopkins, tried to steal his way into a woman’s heart. On March 14, he entered Carroll’s Jewelers in Doylestown, Penn. After more than two hours of looking at various engagement rings (i.e., waiting for the right moment), he palmed a $47,000 three-carat diamond solitaire ring in a platinum setting, one of the most expensive rings in the store, when the salesperson’s back was turned.

Eyes Wide Open

By Andrea Iniguez

ADT’s National Back to School Security Survey, a sampling of nearly 2,000 parents, indicates nearly 50 percent of parents are concerned their child could be targeted by a sexual predator at school; close to 40 percent are concerned about potential abduction from school; and more than a third fear a violent episode at school. With those statistics, it is not surprising that many parents say they would support spending more money on security measures for their school.

Security Unplugged

By Keith Jentoft

In remote or large-scale outdoor environments where copper theft and other criminal activities pose as challenging problems, video surveillance is key to managing assets and providing companies a means of recovery following a disaster.

Essential Surveillance

By Ralph C. Jensen

It’s no wonder that casino operators are among the most proactive and demanding users of video surveillance. A quality surveillance system is as much a part of the business model as chips, cards and highstakes dealers. For the casino operator, resolving gaming disputes is made easier with best-quality video for images and frame rates.


The Year of IP Integration

By Ken LaMarca

It’s no secret that we are experiencing an explosion in IP video.

Ask the Expert

By Marty L. McMillan

Road Warriors Want Increased Security

By Ralph C. Jensen

Transportation security probably receives the highest profile media attention of any industry in the country. It’s at the front gate of airport travel, and there’s a lot of people flying around the country these days. In fact, I’ve been a little critical of checkpoints in the past; now I’m rethinking my security opinions.

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