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October 2008


Special Delivery

By Jonathan Morrone

Today, the frequency of white-powder hoaxes is nearly the same as seven years ago, but it just doesn’t make news.

A Big Score

By Eric Borton

The city of Arlington, Texas, is sandwiched between Fort Worth and Dallas, where entertainment is stacked between historical sites and bustling industries, making it a popular destination. As the city grows and foot traffic increases, the Arlington Police Department is constantly looking to improve public safety.

Headed Out

By Gary Perlin

As access to the Internet became more viable for displaying moving images, the development of Internet-based, IP surveillance equipment took hold.

Info. Security

Leaving Your Mark

By Bill Bockwoldt

Today’s mobile professionals carry more sensitive information than ever before. A single laptop can contain information that can be valued in the millions, if not billions, of dollars.

ID Insurance

Crossing the Chasm: Deterrence to Defeat

By Reginald Ball

In this age of widespread easy access to personal information, identity theft has become the fastest growing and most lucrative crime in America.

Natural Selection

By Eli Gorovici

Video surveillance over IP is the next step in the evolution of CCTV technology. It’s time to enter the era of networked video -- one in which video surveillance and, eventually, the entire security management system are going IP.

Into the Ethernet

By Ray Shilling

Over the past several years, much attention has been paid to the development and deployment of IP-based video surveillance systems. However, the rate of adoption has been slowed in part by the heavy bandwidth consumption of video streams and their resulting adverse impact on the network.

Preparing for the Worst

By Karla Lemmon

From severe weather to acts of violence, schools across the nation are forced to deal with a variety of emergencies. As a result, districts and administrators have become well versed in crisis planning.


A Cut Above

By Megan Weadock

Every university security official must dream of a fully converged solution that ties together as many campus functions as possible.

TSA Leaves Big Footprint with TRAX

By Ralph C. Jensen

Most of my memories of Utah are fond and enjoyable; others are not so good. My first brush with security came years ago in the old ZCMI department store. A pickpocket took all of my disposable income, and I thought my life as a paperboy had come to a screeching halt.

On Alert

By Megan Weadock

Students at Washington, D.C.’s prestigious George Mason University pass their years with plenty to worry about.

Ask the Expert

By Chris Wetzel

Questions and Answers from the Product Manager's POV

By Security Products Staff

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