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May 2009


Trusted Brands

By Jayson Kneen

Whether it's for a new children's cereal or a comprehensive fire and life safety system, Lauren Hoen, a building operations manger for General Mills Inc., understands that the recipe for success calls for only the finest ingredients.

The Game Plan

By Mark Moran

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the American sports industry has increased security at major sporting venues and at high-profile events such as the Super Bowl, World Series and Olympics. Stadiums provide a perfect target for mass casualties and catastrophic economic impact, and even university sports programs are taking the necessary steps to secure their stadiums and campuses against potential threats.

Trust Your Integrator

By Joe Arayas

When you think of the most trusted and well respected consumer brands, names like Pampers, Tide, Always, Gillette, Bounty, Charmin, Downy, IAMS and Crest quickly come to mind. As the parent company for these and other brands, Procter & Gamble sets the standard for excellence in numerous areas. Much of what P&G does behind the scenes reflects its commitment to excellence as well.

An AES in the Hole

By Daryl Miller

It's no secret that government facilities must have airtight security systems and protocols in place for protecting communications.


By Andy Chen

Lambeau Field is the first outdoor football stadium built for the exclusive use of the NFL's Green Bay Packers, winners of 12 league championships. Lambeau Field was voted the No. 1 stadium in atmosphere and fan experience by a Sports Illustrated online poll in 2007.

Strength Meets Precision

By Steve Neville

Across the globe, online criminals are focusing funds, time and resources to perpetrate fraud—and they are becoming more and more adept at this process. The result has been a dramatic increase in online fraud that targets consumers, enterprises and citizens. Every data breach or identity-theft case reported in the media erodes the public's confidence in the security of online financial transactions. This loss of confidence could jeopardize the ability of organizations to conduct transactions online.

All Hands on Deck

By Lisa Weller

In 2007, the entire nation was reeling from the devastation of the Virginia Tech University shootings. As a result, Northern Illinois University decided to apply lessons learned from Virginia Tech and re-examine and fine-tune its own emergency plan. Officials hoped to be prepared but never to have to execute the plan for a similar event. Unfortunately, NIU's emergency plan was put to the test on Feb. 14, 2008, as the result of a campus shooting.


Twittering with Disaster

By Megan Weadock

Get your tweets, status updates and blogs ready— it's time to get into the social networking loop. That's because online tools like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace aren't just for high school students and techies anymore.

Ask the Expert

By J. Matthew Ladd, John Lynch

As U.S. car sales near a 27-year low, dealerships have a higher stake than ever in ensuring the safety of their inventory. Many are enhancing security procedures or developing new measures to prevent theft, deter vandalism and ensure the safety of their employees and inventory.

Questions & Answers

Megapixel cameras provide video images with the clarity and definition that users have always wanted from their video systems. Camera provider Arecont Vision suggests that now is the time for integrators and end users to take advantage of megapixel technology.

A Transitional Period

By Christian Sandström

IP-based video surveillance has grown at a pace of 30 to 40 percent annually over the last few years. Analog video has shown significantly lower growth rates—thus, the technological shift from analog to digital surveillance is now in full swing.

Call For Entries

By Ralph C. Jensen

It's great fun to announce we're making a call for entries in our first ever New Product of the Year award. After spending three days at ISC West in Las Vegas, I saw plenty of new technologies deserving an award as prestigious as this.

Industry Perspective

By Security Products Staff

We're all familiar with compression technology, and the improved version of MPEG-4 has been bandied about for months. We wanted to know more about H.264, so we sat down with Luke Zitterkopf of Trium Technologies to ask a few questions.

Call of Duty

By Sherleen Mahoney

The Field of Flags, a traveling war memorial dedicated by the Somers Congregational Church in Somers, Conn., began in October 2005 with 2,231 American flags, one for each American solider who died serving his or her country in Iraq and Afghanistan. The idea for the memorial came about as members of the church considered what they could do to show support for the troops. Each casualty reminded them of the dangers the soldiers face every day. The flags honor those who have given their lives as well as their families, whose lives have been forever changed.

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