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June 2009


Going Mainstream

By Oliver Vellacott

Over the last 10 years, the CCTV industry has seen a major shift from analog to digital networking solutions for surveillance applications. In the next few years, the industry will see the adoption of high-definition IP video into mainstream consumer CCTV systems.

Protecting the Cyber Side

By Andy Hilverda

Vandalism, theft and acts of terrorism in recent years have motivated the electric generation and transmission industry to seek viable security solutions. Companies must secure their facilities and protect their physical and electronic assets while managing access to their properties state-to-state over geographically widespread regions.

Command and Control

By Andy Johannsen

Although Web-based technology is new to fire communications, it was just what the St. Andrews School in Delaware needed. John Menter of Sentinel Service was tasked with updating an antiquated alarm system with a new addressable solution that would include fire protection for eight separate buildings and control future budget and maintenance costs.

A True Security Blanket

By Steven Elder

Anti-abduction systems are now a common feature at birthing units and obstetric departments in hospitals nationwide. Over the last decade, facilities have opted to safeguard newborns with this specialized technology that provides protection to each infant.

Attention in the Terminal

By Carol Everett Oliver

JetBlue Airways' new Terminal 5 accounts for 30 percent of JFK International airport's total traffic with its 26 gates, capable of handling more than 500 flights daily. Keeping a watch on an estimated 20 million passengers per year who pass through 40 ticket counters and the central security checkpoint— the largest in the United States with 20 screening lanes—was a challenge for the JetBlue security team in planning the terminal's surveillance system.


Justice League

By Sherleen Mahoney

The next time you find yourself with nothing to do, why not go online and help fight border crime? The Texas Border Sheriff's Coalition, in collaboration with BlueServo, has deployed Virtual BorderWatch, a real-time surveillance program that allows the public to keep an eye on the U.S.-Mexico border from their home computers.

Ask the Expert

By Skip Sampson

With the rising integration of IT with physical security, certifications have become increasingly necessary for security integrators. There are a variety of certifications available— from both professional organizations and manufacturers—that should help an end user select an integrator.

A Port in the Storm

By Megan Weadock

While federal security requirements like the Transportation Workers Identification Credential program are designed with the safety of the nation in mind, adhering to them can be a costly and time-consuming task. The goal of the TWIC program is to ensure that anyone who has unescorted access to secure areas of U.S. port facilities and vessels has received a thorough background check and is not a known security threat.

A Royal Dutch Treat

By Ralph C. Jensen

We've written about cargo, port and airport security in the past, but there's nothing like seeing a port first-hand to understand how it all works. Without an up close and personal view, much is left to the imagination of how seagoing vessels arrive in port to unload, only to depart a few days later with hundreds of loaded containers.

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