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July 2009


Nowhere to Hide

By David Lee

Public safety agencies around the country are using thermal security to increase their ability to keep watch over vulnerable areas after dark.

Spotlight: DVRs/NVRs

Protecting Progress

By Charlie Schacter

Over the past 20 years, the citrus groves of Sarasota, Fla., have been replaced by suburban developments. As a result, the Sarasota County School District has grown rapidly to meet the needs of working families with school-age children.

Eyes in the Sky

By Fredrik Nilsson

About 700 cargo containers, some weighing as much as 80,000 pounds, flow to and from the rail yard at the international marine terminal in Norfolk, Va., each day. In the months leading up to the Christmas season, that number can surge to more than 900 containers per day. And in the coming decades, the Virginia Port Authority predicts that containerized cargo volume to and from the rail will triple.

Negative Cash Flow

By John Pearce

There is a growing and highly effective breed of bank robbers at work around the world. Money is not particularly safe and secure, and no city is immune.

Bridging the Gap

By Kris Rangarajan

Albert Einstein once wrote, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." This sentiment once inspired past generations to look upon nature as a place of discovery, growth and personal development.

As Good as Gold

By Steve Birkmeier

Preventative efforts are taken in every aspect of daily life—from emergency preparedness to purchasing insurance to installing home security systems.


Ask the Expert

By Mike Painter

Technology is moving at an incredible pace all around us, and the security industry is no exception. New systems require experience working with not only cameras and card readers but also with information and networking technology. The successful setup and installation of today’s access control systems is likely to require the use of corporate bandwidth, along with a system integrator that understands the IT world.

Bringing It All Together

By Len Friedman

The accelerating rate of partnerships taking place in the security industry is an attempt to address a fast-growing need for communications and interoperability between systems across an enterprise.

Questions and Answers From the Top

By Andy Teich

Thermal security cameras -- cameras that make pictures and video from heat, not light -- are affordable, available and becoming a must-have technology for the serious security professional. To learn more about this exciting technology, Security Products sat down with Andy Teich, president of FLIR Systems’ Commercial Vision Systems division.

The Carbon Bootprint

By Megan Weadock

It’s easy to see that some of the hottest topics of the year are climate change, the economy, energy and, of course, security. Although at times these may seem like four separate challenges, a new report asserts that they are instead symptoms of the same larger, global problem.

Bright Lights, Big Security

By Ralph C. Jensen

I don’t watch movie awards ceremonies, but I do know what it means to roll out the red carpet. In the case of the Academy Awards, security is at the edge of the crimson runway.

Bring Forth Fair Winds

By Sherleen Mahoney

Modern-day pirates have laid down their swords in exchange for GPS systems, assault rifles, rocket launchers and semiautomatic pistols. Their objective has changed from plundering to demanding ransoms in excess of $1 million in exchange for the safe release of hostages.

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