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August 2009


Down and Dirty

By Willem Ryan, Cheryl Bard

Heat, dust, flammable gases and poor lighting are just a few of the challenges that IP video surveillance equipment must overcome. These conditions can render some video devices ineffective or cause a hazardous situation when mixed with video products that are not equipped with the features designed for safe operation in harsh locations. As a result, selecting the right equipment for an industrial facility is extremely important to the success of a video system.

Flights of Fancy

By Kai Leuze

With aerobatic flight training, the world is upside down. Besides kilter and physical fitness, a safe flight and success at championships requires intensive training.

Unmistaken Identity

By Jon Mooney

The University of Georgia has long been a pioneer in adopting biometrics, starting with a two-dimensional hand geometry device in 1972. When it was time to replace the school's old hand readers in 1990, the administration evaluated various biometrics technologies, such as facial, hand, fingerprint, iris and signature devices.

The First Line of Defense

By Bill Evenson

Thousands of sensitive sites across the world require highly reliable, cost-effective perimeter intrusion detection solutions that meet the wide range of security threats to governments and corporations.

A Long-term Relationship

By Andy Johannsen

When a Pennsylvania retirement village and nursing home asked Sentinel Service to take over servicing of its various fire alarm systems, John Menter saw an opportunity to offer a better long-term solution.

Covering All Ground

By Mig Paredes

New video surveillance technologies reduce mall managers' dependence on costly security guards, minimize false alarms and capture important details.


Help on the Horizon

Spring and summer weather brings hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and flooding. As people witnessed during Hurricane Katrina and other disasters, preparation is crucial to the safety of the populace. Sometimes early warning is available; other times, disaster strikes without warning.

Too Many Choices?

By Dan Nitzen

Remember the 1984 movie "Moscow on the Hudson," where a Russian immigrant, played by Robin Williams, is befuddled by an entire supermarket aisle filled with an endless array of coffee product choices?

There's More the Paramount Than Pictures

By Ralph C. Jensen

Paramount Pictures has released many great movies, but the studio is not as bestowing when it comes to privacy and security.

Ask the Expert

By Larry O'Brien

A recent survey showed that spending on biometrics could increase by about 140 percent within the next five years. If the mass adoption of high-tech technology found in spy movies is imminent, what tools are most useful, and where might we be seeing practical implementations?

Questions and Answers from the Top: with Adam Cohen

There are many companies that claim to have designed, assembled and tested their products in the United States, but for most of them, it is not true. DATUSA™ is a qualification created by USAG that certifies a product was fully designed, assembled and tested in the United States. There are many benefits to buying from a DATUSA supplier—and once users realize the benefits, it will be easy for them to spot the box-moving manufacturers.

An Olympic Feat

By Megan Weadock

After the staggering success of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, you could argue that things have been changed forever.

Life in the Fast Lane

By Sherleen Mahoney

Life moves fast in New York, and New Yorkers wouldn't want it any other way. We demand fast service, fast talking and fast transportation, and now the city has a public notification program that keeps everyone informed with important up-to-date alerts wherever they go.

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