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October 2009


A Needle in a Haystack

By Stephen Russell

London's city-wide transit surveillance system, the Ring of Steel, includes more than 10,000 cameras. Some 3,000 cameras also have been deployed in Chicago, with 3,000 more soon coming to New York City.

Lessons Learned

By Fredrik Nilsson

When Hurricane Katrina nearly obliterated the city of Pass Christian, Miss., in 2005, the Mississippi gulf school district faced a rebuilding project of enormous proportion.

Dollars and Sense

By Jennifer Toscano

When Diablo Valley College in California converted its life science building to an advanced technology center, it upgraded the building's security without the need for hard wiring. Jack Shaffer, facilities project manager for the district, said the major remodeling project was more like a retrofit, with wireless locks fitting in nicely. He also said access control went even smoother because the integrator didn't have to pull cables to each opening.

From Radio to Revolution

By Terry Schmidt

Since World War II, wireless radio networking has given the government and military a flexible and efficient mobile communications option. Unfortunately, more than half a century later, many of the same wartime technologies are still being used by U.S. public agencies, despite major advances in real-time voice, video and data wireless transfer applications.

Street Smart

By Scott Schnell

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama, spanning 151 square miles and boasting a downtown population of nearly 230,000. Like any major city, it has its share of crime and vandalism. To help combat this and provide a safe environment for residents and visitors, the city has installed 40 video surveillance cameras throughout the metropolitan area.

Safe Storage

By Barry Keepence

There are typically two different approaches to storing data in an IP video system: using a centralized architecture with a master database located in the central control room or head office and using a distributed architecture that spreads the data around the security management system, keeping it close to where it is produced or needed.

Candid Camera

By Doug Reed

In Weber County, nestled next to Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah, the local school district is home to 50 public schools, which are attended by almost 21,000 students and employ 1,368 full-time teachers. Nearly 850 students attend Sand Ridge Junior High School in Roy, Utah, and with 34 teachers, the teacher to student ratio is about 25:1.

The New World of Surveillance

By Tim Dodge

We have entered a new realm in the world of video surveillance. Gone are the days of the security guard tethered to a dedicated desktop monitor, reacting to unfolding events within a closed environment. With today's advancements in IP-based network infrastructures, management of video surveillance can be a much more valuable endeavor.

An Evolution, Not a Revolution

By Elan Moriah

Terrorism and other security threats are generating a high demand for advanced video security solutions that can help detect threats and protect lives and assets. A wide range of industries—including banking, retail, critical infrastructure, government, education, ports, public transportation and homeland security —is interested in a broader deployment of video solutions.


Q&A From the Top

By Security Products Staff

Gary Perlin has seen numerous changes in the security industry, most of them involving technology that, a few years ago, would have boggled the mind. Perlin has stayed in lock-step with the forward movement of the industry, so we wanted to talk with him about analog and network infrastructure and how hybrid solutions are affecting the industry today.

Ask the Expert: David Alessandrini

The downturn in the economy seems to be at the forefront of every conversation. We wanted to know how the industry is adjusting, so we spoke with David Alessandrini, vice president of PASEK, to get his take.

Always Listening

By Sherleen Mahoney

Imagine hearing a sudden burst of what sounds like a gunshot. But was it a gunshot? Was it a car back firing, or maybe it was a firecracker? And from where did that sound come from? Without accurate information available, the sound registers but gets ignored.

A Dangerous Blind Spot

By Megan Weadock

As they say, out of sight out of mind—even when it comes to security. In fact, a new survey from the Society for Fire Protection Engineers found that although the majority of Americans believe fire is a prominent threat to their home and family, very few actually worry about the dangers of fire.

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