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November 2009


Wireless Security

The Wireless Linchpin

By Bo Larsson

This year is the turning point for the deployment of large-scale, multi-service municipal wireless mesh networks expanding upon their public safety wireless networks for a variety of municipal and government services.

Preventing a Fire

Prepare to Prevent

By Mariann McDonagh

When it comes to homeland security, one of the most daunting challenges still facing enterprises and government agencies today is how to protect employees and critical infrastructure from the threat of disaster caused by fire and other unseen hazards. Fire presents an enormous safety risk to employees and can cause catastrophic damage to public and corporate assets. Damage resulting in financial losses often cripples an organization.


Pow Wow!

By Dave Huggard

Gaming on the reservation is big business, and security plays a key role in making sure the casinos are productive, prosperous and secure. These aren’t small gaming ventures -- they come with the blessing of the Choctaw Nation, the Comanche Nation and the Cherokee Nation. These casinos bring in millions of dollars in revenue and require seven-figure contracts to provide security equipment of the highest caliber and systems that necessitates multi-phase communications and single-minded cooperation.

Big Business

By Matt Neely

Behind all the glamour and glitz, casinos are a lot like other businesses, yet they face a number of unique challenges. Casinos are required to adhere to numerous regulations and must secure their assets without causing inconvenience to customers. Casinos must protect against physical heists, but just as important, if not more so, casinos must protect their networks. Although it may not play as well on the big screen, a network breach could cost millions of dollars.


A Prized Collection

By Ricardo Chen

Choosing the right camera for effective video monitoring in museums, or at monument sites, can be a complex process. The decision must provide a solution that is well-tailored to the unique needs of that museum or monument site. Such needs can vary widely. However, there are certain features users should look for when selecting security cameras for these applications.


World Trade Center

A Crack in Time

By Megan Weadock

As we all know, the events of Sept. 11 changed the security industry—and the world—forever. Ten years ago, there was no such thing as the Department of Homeland Security, and transportation security was unrecognizable from what it's become. Today, terrorism and security are consistently popular topics within government policy and in the media. Clearly, it was a day that reinforced the importance of security forever.

First responders

Separate but Not Equal

By Sherleen Mahoney

When you call 911 from a landline, your address automatically pops up on a 911 operator's screen. So, even if you are unable to communicate, or don't know your location, emergency responders know where to find you. Cell phones don't work the same.

Ask the Expert: Ron Ludvigsen

The safety and security of millions of business and pleasure travelers each year is a major concern for the hospitality industry. Terrorists and other more common criminals looking to cause harm to property or guests have increasingly targeted hotels. Recent high-profile attacks in India and Indonesia have highlighted the danger at hotels around the world. We spoke to Ron Ludvigsen, president of CGL Electronic Security, to find out more.

From the Top

Q&A from the Top: Bryan Sanderford

Today's business climate is just as tough for the smaller manufacturer as it is for the big guys. But go-to market strategies differ in terms of whether to hold back and wait or pour the coals on the fire and keep a dynamic presence.

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