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December 2009



Making the Grade

By Bill Fitzhenry

Over the past decade, as a result of tragedies at school and college campuses nationwide, student and staff security has become a high priority. Also in the last 10 years, driven by an increase in the population of school-aged children, new school construction and the renovation of existing facilities have surged.

Aesthetically-pleasing guard booth

A Good Fit

By Aengus MacLoone

With more than 15,000 chemical facilities, 104 operating nuclear reactors and hundreds more utility facilities operating in the United States, it is necessary to tailor security to suit the wide variety of hazards posed by each facility. In 2003, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission developed a number of mandates regarding enhanced security at nuclear power plants. Primary among them were changes to the security perimeter and the screening of employees, vendors and visitors as they accessed the site.

Healthcare professional with red phone

When Seconds Count

By Chris Heim

When an emergency call is received at the communications center of the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region in Regina, Saskatchewan, it could be originating from across the hall or from hundreds of miles away.

Defense initiatives technology

From Combat to Commercial

By John Bradburn, Mark Clifton

There is no question that advancements in video are continually revolutionizing the security industry. New capabilities emerge and, subsequently, the scope of what is possible grows. The implications of this trend can be seen in surveillance, reconnaissance, identity verification, information management and data dissemination.

a federal building

Homeland Insecurity

By Nelson Ludlow

A recently issued report from the Government Accountability Office presented some alarming findings regarding security features in federal facilities.

retail security

At the Checkout

By Paul Cataldo

Like all retailers, Sainsbury's Supermarkets has realized the need for heightened in-store security to combat shrink. This popular chain's brand is built upon a rich 140-year history of providing customers with healthy, safe, fresh and tasty food, as well as clothing, general merchandise and pharmacy items. Quality and fair prices go hand-in-hand with a responsible approach to business.

Screenshots from Low Light Cameras

Getting the Most from Low Light

By Dave Smith

System designers, installers and end users have experienced the frustration that comes when cameras fail to work well in lowlight conditions, producing grainy, noisy video. The video compression used in most IP cameras and DVRs depends on the fact that there is little change in most scenes over time.



The Watchmen of Gotham

By Sherleen Mahoney

Modeled after London’s “Ring of Steel,” New York City’s Lower Manhattan Security Initiative covers Battery Park to Canal Street -- and when completed, will include more than 3,000 security cameras, 100 license plate reading devices and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detectors. All data streams into the Security Coordination Center and is monitored by the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau.

Q&A From the Top: Christian Laforte

Mobile video applications for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and other PDAs are a growing trend that is expanding the practical everyday use of video surveillance security systems. In a climate of tight budgets, the security industry is searching for new and innovative ways to make use of existing infrastructure and to increase the overall productivity of those charged with keeping us safe. Feeling Software from Montreal is quickly expanding its product portfolio into this challenging area. We took a few minutes to talk to the CEO of Feeling Software, Christian Laforte, to get his perspective of this growing trend.

Sports Hype and Security

By Ralph C. Jensen

When I was a kid, my parents took my brothers and me to Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. To be honest, security never entered my mind.

Ask the Expert: Brad J. Wilson

This month’s expert looks ahead to a new year in the security industry.


Fail-Safe Systems Required

By Jack Fernandes

Physical security information systems, including video, are critical to a company’s security operation and general well-being. The security mission requires fail-safe systems that operate dependably over long periods of time and are ready to respond when needed. Security systems should not have to compete for network resources on the enterprise network.


A Winning Solution

By Megan Weadock

As sports coaches throughout history have said, "There's no 'I' in team." That old adage is true in the security world as well. Sometimes it takes a collaboration to finally get a security system right. At the Sports Museum of Los Angeles, the IT department teamed up with D-Link -- a designer, developer and manufacturer of networking, broadband, digital electronics, voice, data and video communications solutions -- to upgrade their surveillance system in order to protect some of sports’ most precious mementos.

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