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January 2010


School security on a tight budget

Security for All

By Keith Jentoft

A passive infrared motion detector with night vision and digital camera has helped reduce copper theft in DPS schools.

Video Surveillance in Schools

District Integrators Learn About Video Surveillance

By Brian Leland

A typical urban school district can easily have more than 2,500 cameras installed throughout its facilities. Some systems are straightforward, while others can be sophisticated, encompassing advanced surveillance capabilities and utilizing a broad range of surveillance technologies.

empty classroom

Know the Drill

By Sherleen Mahoney

Senate Bill S2518 now requires monthly school security drills for all public and non-public schools in the sate of New Jersey.

biometric smart cards

(Really) Smart Cards

By Tom Flynn

In 2007, a customer of the AXA Group, a financial protection company, wanted to replace an existing strong authentication system with a smartcard- based solution to coincide with an end-user hardware refresh project. AXA Technology Services initially proposed its smartcard platform, and the customer was interested in extending it to support biometric authentication.

Army Barracks in Hawaii

Running the Gate

By David Dickinson

After the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon, the Defense Department has been consistently upgrading vehicle access to military bases and their living quarters worldwide. The latest anti-terrorist perimeter access control improvements are being phased in at Schofield Barracks and Fort Shafter on Hawaii's island of Oahu.

CCTV Monitoring Program

Innovation Meets Integration

By Barry Keepence

Integrating two or more security systems across an IP network provides the end user with far greater benefits than individual systems. Add this to the long list of advantages a distributed IP video system delivers, and the end result is a very compelling argument for integration.

Keeping costs down when installing IP videoe

At What Cost?

By Ed Troha

It is widely accepted that video analytics provide value to the end user, especially in security applications such as perimeter protection and the identification of vehicles versus humans in unauthorized areas. But at what cost?

In it Together

By Kim Rahfaldt

Installing a deeply integrated security solution will provide the best security protection for airports of all sizes. The key to success lies in working with a manufacturer that partners with the security consultant, integrator and airport security manager to meet current and future requirements.


CCTV Warning Sign

Q&A From the Top

By Security Products Staff

Manufacturers have recently begun promoting CCTV cameras with resolution specifications higher than 540 horizontal TV lines, implying that video security customers will benefit from enhanced resolution.

Ask the Expert: Bryan Viau

By Security Products Staff

Tragic gang-related events in Chicago and other American cities over the past few months have only focused more public attention on the need to make our nation's schools safe. No child should ever have to fear going to classes because of bullies, weapon-carrying gang members, drug dealers or other criminals from the surrounding community.

Pediatrician attends to a male patient

Successful Strategies

By Sherleen Mahoney

As South Florida's only licensed specialty pediatric hospital and Florida's only freestanding pediatric trauma center, Miami Children's Hospital serves a special purpose.

Houses crowd a hillside in Haiti

On a Mission

By Megan Weadock

Though the recession taught many Americans a hard-fought lesson on what's truly important, unfortunately things could always get worse. For example, less than 1,000 miles south of Miami, one of the United States' most vibrant and affluent cities, lies Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

The hottest technologies in security for 2010

You're Getting Warmer

By Elan Moriah

In 2010, 'green' mania will sweep security industry, H.264 will continue it's ascension to the video compression throne, and networked IP video solutions will keep replacing analog CCTV systems as organizations seek to keep costs down.

The Devil Within

By Ralph C. Jensen

By now, the story of the Fort Hood, Texas, massacre is old news, but the idea of security, whether at an Army post or corporate headquarters, is still headline worthy.

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