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February 2010



Think Outside the Door

By Bill Nuffer, Leon Chlimper

When you think RFID in security, you automatically think access control. Access control badges are ubiquitous in enterprise environments for use at entrances and exits in virtually all industries. But there is more to RFID in security applications than going through doors.

scalable systems

Scalable Systems

By Mark Oliver

Technological refinements and cost effectiveness in video surveillance systems are changing the security industry as we know it. Just about every aspect of a surveillance installation benefits from enhanced capabilities.

oil rig security camera

Keeping Infrastructure Resilient

By Ralph C. Jensen

The threat against a network of gas pipelines goes far beyond the possibility of terrorism, and includes natural causes and careless excavation. Security, as well as the inherent design and operation of a natural gas pipeline system, can help reduce the probability of an incident, which could have an adverse affect on the nation.


Warren County Officers and Canines

Canine Interventions

By Sherleen Mahoney

The two newest members of Ohio's Warren County Sheriff's Office and the county's Drug Task Force are ready to serve and protect.

Panasonic video surveillance

Q&A From the Top: Bill Taylor

By Security Products Staff

Security and video surveillance technologies are changing at a rapid pace, which presents challenges for integrators, users and even suppliers like Panasonic, which has a strong presence in the security marketplace. We spoke with Bill Taylor, the president of Panasonic System Networks Co., about how a large company like Panasonic stays ahead of the curve.

airport security

Under Wraps

By Megan Weadock

Although passenger security is most often in the national spotlight, cargo security is just as important. That's why TSA mandated that 50 percent of all cargo carried aboard narrow-bodied passenger aircraft had to be screened for explosives by February 2009.

video analytics

Outsmart the Outdoors

By John Romanowich

Proponents of video analytics claim the technology can boost the productivity of security staff by alerting them to take action in the event an incident occurs according to predetermined rules. In theory, this enables fewer officers to oversee larger coverage areas by freeing them from perpetually watching an increasing number of video displays and make intelligent response decisions when security violations occur. And for many indoor surveillance applications, this is often the case.

Ask the Experts: John Krumme and Jack VanDenBerg

By Security Products Staff

An unmanned utility site located 50 miles from company headquarters, a small office for a sole law practitioner located in the middle of a downtown block and a medical facilities warehouse that employs 200 people have one thing in common: they need access control.

Securing Air Cargo

By Ralph C. Jensen

Talk within the ranks of the security industry often focuses on air cargo security in regard to ground handling and transportation. There's good reason for concern, according to a report issued by the Office of the Inspector General within the Department of Homeland Security.

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