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April 2010


Capitol Building

Always More to be Done

By Brian Leland

The rule of thumb in protecting government facilities is simple—any application with a large coverage area is a candidate for a video surveillance system, and that includes the perimeter. Since most government facilities have limited manpower for security-related tasks, with video surveillance systems, only a few people are needed to watch over areas that would be virtually impossible to patrol with 100-percent effectiveness.

wireless access control

Seamless Visitor Management

By John Hayde

The most efficient visitor management and access control systems for corporations or private communities contain at least one element of wireless technology.

Border Patrol

The New Detectives

By Dana Strawser, Troy Techau

Customs officials used to have to rely on traditional screening technologies that are ill-suited for the customs mission and have produced mixed results. Today, advanced imaging technology in the form of millimeter wave imagers and other devices are emerging as the newest tools in a customs officer's toolkit.

camera lens

An Extra Pair of Eyes

By Ralph C. Jensen

The biggest challenge in outdoor live surveillance for border patrol, Coast Guard and traffic control applications is atmospheric interference from fog, snow or haze. Existing fog cancellation devices are expensive and often require multiple cameras with individual adjustment to each camera.

Campus Security

Tightening Campus Security

By Fredrik Nilsson

Having narrowly averted a high-alert situation, officials at Connetquot Central School District in Islip, N.Y., decided that a more proactive, district-wide surveillance strategy was needed to help the community quickly neutralize any threats to students and staff.

Wireless mesh

Challenge or Opportunity?

By Ksenia Coffman

Wireless has been in the physical security space for years, especially with point-to-point bridges. But the newcomers—especially in the field of wireless mesh—are changing the game. Will wireless be as ubiquitous for outdoor deployments as cable or fiber?


Seeing the Big Picture

By Scott Schafer

Megapixel IP cameras and systems can have a profound impact on security solution purchases because they can significantly improve return on investment and image quality.



Inside the Ethernet

By Andrew Acquarulo

The emergence of Ethernet/IP networks in security applications has added benefits and options that have never before been offered. Unfortunately, with those benefits comes a level of complexity security professionals have never faced.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Bridging the Gap

By Megan Weadock

In the days before fiber optics, certain surveillance applications simply weren't possible—or too expensive to even be considered feasible. In the past, that would have been the case at the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia, where a fiber-optic solution from Infinova is now linking cameras to the city's video depot, miles away. West Gate is Australia's third-longest bridge, stretching a total of 8,473 feet across the Yarra River. The beautiful cable-stayed bridge, which was built in the 1970s, is twice as long as the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Laying Down the Law

By Sherleen Mahoney

In response to the failed Christmas Day bombing by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Transportation Security Administration has mandated enhanced screening measures at airports nationwide for U.S.-bound passengers traveling from or through state sponsors of terrorism and other countries of interest.

puzzle globe

Q & A From the Top: Johan Lembre

2010 promises to be another challenging year for the security market, and global companies are feeling the financial bite just the same as U.S.-based firms. We had the chance to catch up with Johan Lembre, Pacom Systems' new CEO, to get his perspective on the global security marketplace and any changes he has in store for Pacom.

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