Breakthroughs in Video Analytics

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Topic: Breakthroughs in Video Analytics

The use of video analytics is growing rapidly in the surveillance market. It has proven indispensable in high-end security projects, and is becoming increasingly popular in commercial jobs for a wide range of applications, including outdoor protection, customer service measurements, people counting, crowd monitoring, and many others. Yet due to high costs, use of intelligent video has largely been reserved for the most high-risk situations. However, new technological breakthroughs are making it possible to cost effectively bring intelligent video to any IP camera installation, while reducing bandwidth and storage costs.

Unfortunately there is a lack of solid technical information to help compare available technologies. The problem is that providers often make grand claims, but many fall far short in performance, leading to widespread disappointment. The purpose of this webinar is to outline the general principles of how video analytics works, in non-technical language, and examine how competing technologies are trying to solve these problems. In addition, we’ll look at the latest advancement in intelligent video surveillance – the VideoIQ iCVR. We’ll discuss how building advanced video analytics, content aware storage and intelligent networking into high-quality security cameras is making intelligent video surveillance possible across a wide range of scenarios.

Presenting during the Webinar:
Doug Marman, CTO and VP products, VideoIQ

A 22-year security industry veteran with over 20 security patents under his name, Doug Marman drives VideoIQ’s advanced technological solutions and strategic product development as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and vice president of products. Prior to joining VideoIQ, Marman served as CTO for GE Security, Inc., where he focused on identifying critical technologies that would impact the security industry and developing strategic plans for research and development, licensing and acquisitions.

A Q&A session will be held during the last 15 minutes of the Webinar.

The live event took place on Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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