Using New Cellular Technology To Reduce Cost, Increase Control.

Topic: Using NEW cellular technology to reduce cost and increase control
How access control and monitoring can go wireless, dependably and inexpensively

Overview: In this economy budgets are tight but access control and monitoring needs are increasing. In some cases, this increasing need is being driven by regulatory requirements affecting airports and the energy industry. Running wires is limiting, costly and unnecessary and control panels can be expensive and complex. Now you can use the Internet combined with cellular technology to provide access control and monitoring virtually anywhere at a lower cost.

In this Webcast, several case studies will be discussed where wiring presented costly challenges and how cellular technology was used to provide greater benefits at a lower cost than traditional systems.

Examples addressed will include:

  • Airport perimeters and runway access control points.
  • School facilities and perimeters.
  • Oil and gas exploration/ production and distribution facilities.
  • Perimeter intrusion monitoring.
  • Farms, ranches and hunting leases.
  • Trucking yards.
  • Self storage facilities.

In addition to being used as an alternative to traditional wired systems, cellular technology can be used to provide access control where only padlocks or stand-alone systems were feasible before.

While this approach offers cost savings to end-users, system integrators can benefit from special programs designed to increase revenue.


Barry Walker, President, Walker Associates, Technology and Security Industry Consultants.

Barry has nearly thirty years of executive leadership in voice, data, and video communications and in the video surveillance industry, including:

  • CEO of Global Security Industry Startup, CoVi Technologies.
  • Venture Market Fundraising of $50 million.
  • Board Chairman and Independent Board Member (two companies.)
  • Senior Strategy Responsibility, $250M Business Unit.
  • Senior Marketing Responsibility, $250M Business Unit.
  • Senior Sales, up to $100 million in revenue, and 100 employees.
  • Prior to starting Walker Associates, Barry held senior positions and CoVi Technologies, Polycom, Seimens AG and NEC.

Noel Gouldin, COO, CelAccess Systems

Co-founder of CelAccess Systems, Noel has twenty years of wireless communications experience including satellite, paging and cellular technologies. He has been responsible for all product development with two public companies, had P&L responsibility for the machine-to-machine business unit and served as Vice President of Marketing for a $700 million wireless services company.

A Q&A session took place during the last 15 minutes of the Webinar.

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