Mexico City Airport To Use Biometric Technology In New Terminal

Bioscrypt Inc., a provider of identity and access management solutions, recently announced that Mexico City International Airport (AICM) is installing Bioscrypt's V-Smart identity verification solution in order to strengthen the access control element of the new terminal's security solution.

The airport placed V-Smart multi-factor authentication physical access control readers at the entrance to its new Tier 4 data center, communications rooms and power facilities, in addition to all access points leading to high-security areas of the terminal. The Tier 4 network infrastructure must have fully redundant power and cooling systems and can have no more than 0.4 hours of downtime per year. In addition, the airport must maintain a high level of access control and restricted areas need to be secured using strong authentication including access control readers that support biometrics.

"The airport requires cutting edge identity management solutions as we cannot tolerate any security breaches. We insisted on using only the highest-quality and industry-proven equipment in the access control solution as well as all other systems within the terminal. The biometric readers are an integral part of the solution and are certainly no exception to the high standards set for Terminal 2," said Gonzalo Martinez Ulloa, the CIO for Mexico's Airport Administration Agency (ASA), which is responsible for design and implementation of the technology infrastructure at the airport. "The readers are deployed at the most sensitive and security-enhanced areas of the airport and they provide us with peace of mind, knowing that access to restricted areas will not be easily compromised."

The V-Smart readers at Terminal 2 are an key part of a tightly integrated access control solution that uses Lenel's IP-based access control platform and video software along with Axis IP-based CCTV cameras and HID's iClass smart cards, forming an IP-based security system utilizing an extensive, leading edge communications infrastructure.

"Bioscrypt has provided this project with the high quality and reliable product that led to its outstanding reputation in the security industry," said Dan Norris, Director General, Logical Surveillance de Mexico. "Their quality approach, responsiveness to the market and outstanding support have helped us in the design, installation and implementation of the physical security systems at Terminal 2 and we look forward to continuing to build our relationship while providing organizations throughout Mexico with comprehensive identity management solutions."

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