Intelligent Video Protects Families At Tokyo Apartment Complexes

ioimage recently announced that its intelligent video solution has been implemented in two 14-story apartment buildings each housing 400 families in Tokyo, to prevent theft and criminal activities.

In a application of video analytics, images of suspicious people are projected onto a large screen on the buildings' outside walls, in plain view of passers-by. Using ioimage appliances with automatic autonomous PTZ tracking capabilities, the system provides self-directed, vision-guided tracking to keep a moving target in constant focus, offering numerous identification and information-gathering possibilities. The unmanned ioimage solution has substantially reduced costs for the residential complex by eliminating the need for security guards to constantly monitor video feed.

Since the project was completed, no crimes have been reported in a neighborhood which used to experience at least one criminal act a month, enabling residents and visitors to feel safe moving about the grounds. According to a representative of the condominium complex, "residents are delighted to be able to move about safely, the solution provides a "Safety Zone" for them as well as the entire neighbourhood."

"Intruders know that they are being watched by people who can act as witnesses," said Toyomi Morita, Assistant General Manager at ALSOK, the security solutions provider that installed the system. "This is a much more effective deterrent than simple CCTV where incriminating images are investigated by police only after the fact, and less costly than employing security guards around the clock. Several real estate agents and some of our customers are now looking into introducing the technology to their properties."

ALSOK is currently applying for a patent for the projector system.

"We are very pleased with the success of this project, adding to our extensive presence in Japan through our local partner Mitsui Bussan Aerospace" said Dvir Doron, vice president of marketing at ioimage. "This innovative application of video analytics exemplifies how ioimage appliances can deter criminal activities and enhance public safety in multi-tenant units and other residential sites.”

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