Tridium Announces Integration Partnership With Dedicated Micros

Tridium Inc. recently announced that it has formed a partnership with Dedicated Micros, Inc. -- part of AD Group -- to integrate its NetVu Connected DVRs and video servers into Tridium’s Niagara AX Framework building technology solutions.

This partnership will enable Tridium’s NiagaraAX Framework to integrate Dedicated Micros’ video surveillance products into the company’s suite of intelligent building solutions including access control, building automation and energy management systems. Coupled with Tridium’s enterprise security application, the Dedicated Micros integration offers a powerful package that seamlessly communicates to the rest of the building’s operating equipment.

The integration of Dedicated Micros video recording devices into the Niagara Video interface means that customers can now seamlessly view live or recorded video, control cameras, and receive alarm triggers from any NetVu Connected DVR in the system. Niagara’s unique ability to associate building sensors and alerts with video is a very powerful solution. It provides the building and property managers with critical real time viewing of events, and responds to customers demands for a fully integrated security solution.

“The NiagaraAX building automation platform coupled with Dedicated Micros’ video surveillance solutions is a major step forward in the convergence between systems that are typically separated,” said Mark Provinsal, executive vice president of Dedicated Micros. “We’re very excited about the new partnership and believe it will result in significant opportunities for both organizations.”

“We are pleased to partner with a clear leader in the CCTV and digital video technology. Tridium is committed to providing customers with the best open, IP-based security solution available to the market and our partnership with Dedicated Micros is an important aspect of that mission,” said Marc Petock, Tridium’s vice president of global marketing and communications. “We recognize that our customers want a choice when it comes to which products to integrate and expanding our technology alliance is a critical aspect in delivering this.”

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