Wireless Security System Helps Nab Apartment Burglary Suspect

After a recent break-in to a local student's apartment, burglary suspect Wisberty Cruz was apprehended by the Orlando (Fla.) Police despite attempts to evade arrest, which included burrowing through an apartment wall and changing clothes to impersonate a resident of the building. Police were alerted to the break-in and were able to detain the suspect because the apartment's resident had installed a SimpliSafe Home Security System just weeks before in his rental apartment.

Renters are 80 percent more likely to be the victims of home invasion than homeowners, yet half as likely to have a home security system. This statistic recently became a reality for a local Orlando student, who was the victim of a burglary and decided to do something about it.

Full Sail University student James Elbert's Orlando apartment was first burglarized on May 11 -- his front door was kicked in, and valuable electronics were stolen. Determined to protect his home, Elbert turned to SimpliSafe, a complete home and apartment security system which operates on a wireless platform so that it can be easily self-installed and, just as easily, re-installed in a new apartment if the resident moves.

Just days after installation of the alarm, Elbert's investment paid immediate dividends. On May 21, while in class, he received a call from SimpliSafe's Emergency Dispatch Center that his new, wireless alarm had been triggered and that the Orlando Police were alerted in time to apprehend the suspect.

"I set-up this security system because someone had already broken into my apartment and stolen my things -- I didn't want this to happen again,” he said. “SimpliSafe worked exactly how it was supposed to -- they were able to get the cops out here quickly and catch the guy who broke-in."

According to the Sherriff's Incident Report, it appears that Cruz tried to escape by using a screwdriver to burrow a hole in the bedroom closet wall, which separated Elbert's unit from the neighboring unit, and then changed into clothes belonging to the neighbor. After exiting the apartment, Cruz was detained and later arrested when it was discovered, contrary to his initial statement, that he was not a legal resident of the apartment building.

"The SimpliSafe Home Security System is a great solution for renters like James, especially those who live in urban areas. Our wireless platform is an industry game changer, provides apartment security at affordable prices and, unlike the traditional alternatives, there are no long-term contracts or hidden fees," said Chad Laurans, CEO of SimpliSafe Inc.

The intruder tried to avoid being caught by destroying the SimpliSafe alarm, but the dispatch center was alerted as soon as he entered the apartment.

"The system is designed to survive the attempts of intruders to disable the unit," Laurans said. "Even if the bad guys do take a baseball bat to it, it's too late."

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