French Diamond Heist Prompts Increased Border Security

French Diamond Heist Prompts Increased Border Security

So, what happens when $136 million worth of diamonds and jewels is missing from a country? Well, if you’re France, border security is increased, of course!

On Tuesday of this week, French authorities increased border security as part of a manhunt for a single, yet apparently now rich, lone robber. Investigators have stepped up security checks on the French borders of Spain, Italy and the principality of Monaco.

French Diamond Heist Prompts Increased Border SecurityThis lone robber, without his Tonto, apparently has tastes, though, stealing his loot from the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes on the French Riviera, the same hotel that was featured in “To Catch a Thief,” by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant.

But, this is no movie! Officers have resorted to reviewing security camera footage for clues, discovering that the seemingly intelligent thief covered his face with a scarf, and wore a cap and gloves.

What’s more is that the thief actually entered through a door at the side of the hotel, and since it wasn’t broken or damaged, investigators can only hypothesize that the door was left unlocked or it had actually been left open.

Making his way to the temporary jewelry exhibit owned by Lev Leviev, Israeli billionaire, he threatened three private security guards, two vendors and a manager with a hand gun just before raking jewels into a briefcase; 72 pieces to be exact including rings, pendants and diamond-encrusted earrings. Dropping some of his spoils as he exited through a different door, he jumped onto a terrace next to the hotel and darted into a side street.

To me, the most fascinating part of this story is that this whole incident occurred in approximately one minute!  But, I’m not sure that I agree with France increasing their border security just because of this incident. Yes, hundreds of millions of dollars were lost, but France also shares borders with drug trafficking conduits like Spain, Italy and Belgium since the beginning of each country’s history, so wouldn’t it have made sense for France to have already increased their border security?

And, with all the attention this story is getting in the media, I’m not too sure our masked thief will even try to cross the French borders…at least not now anyway.

So, did France just spend too much money on increasing their border security for this one robber and this one incident?

Do you think the thief is still in France hiding out? Or, do you think he has already escaped the French borders?


Posted by Ginger Hill on Jul 31, 2013

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