The Missing Link in Border Security

The Missing Link in Border Security

The Missing Link in Border SecurityComprehensive, large-scale border security that fits within a nation’s budget has been a major challenge to technologists. This is especially true for the U.S. Southwest border where, so far, technology has come up short.

A new system based on existing technology may hold the promise of providing what has been the missing link in border systems – reliable, seamless detection.

The new system is an adaptation of seismic oil exploration technology and is called IDENTISEIS. It consists of an unbroken line of buried geophones connected to powerful seismographs. A powerful algorithm looks for seismic signals made by humans, vehicles, aircraft and tunnel construction.

The system’s greater range of detection allows the algorithm time to greatly reduce false alarms. The low power draw of the seismographs allows the use of ½ mile solar panels, each eliminating the need to change batteries. With the exception of solar panels and a radio antenna every five miles, the entire system in buried underground.

A recent demonstration of the system caught the attention of Customs and Border Protection who requested a special briefing. The demonstration showed IDENTISEIS detecting a low-flying, ultra-light aircraft and humans walking 600 feet from the sensor line. A drone, IDENTICOPTER, used the GPS from the system alarm to intercept and send video of the human subjects.

CBP is presently evaluating IDENTISEIS. Watch Video of Aug. 13 demonstration

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(Picture of border wall between Arizona and Mexico.)

Posted by Glenn Spencer on Sep 24, 2013

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