Is the NSA the Answer to Cybersecurity?

Is the NSA the Answer to Cybersecurity?

Is the NSA the Answer to Cybersecurity?Cyberattacks, cybercrime, cyber theft, cyber threats, cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, cyber fraud…and the list goes on and on. It seems like almost anything malice that can be done in real life can be done in cyber space, which is plaguing our nation…a nation that seems to have no answers when it comes to cybersecurity. Yet, one man has stepped up. Could he be the cyber hero that the U.S. has been hoping and waiting for?

Keith Alexander, head of NSA, thinks Congress needs to allow federal agencies and companies to share information about potential attacks, so they should untie his hands when it comes to sharing information with companies that are not part of critical infrastructure. He argued that NSA, FBI and the Department of Homeland Security all need legislation to proactively prevent cyberattacks.

One concern, though, is that legislation such as this will give companies the freedom to turn over more user information than necessary, even if there are privacy protections in place. And, with all the recent data leaks, it proves that companies are already giving up more information than users are comfortable with.

So, is this so-called “cyber legislation” really the answer? Is passing laws to give NSA more power going to stop the seedy, underground rings of hackers and cybercriminals that span the world? Should we, as a nation, put all our trust in Alexander when it comes to cybersecurity?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see how laws inked on paper are going to put a stop to such an abstract concept as “cyber mischief,” if you will. What do you think?


Posted by Ginger Hill on Oct 31, 2013

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