Knowledge Abounds at GovSec West

Knowledge Abounds at GovSec West

Knowledge Abounds at GovSec WestA couple of weeks ago, I attended GovSec West at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas, but being my first time to attend, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After attending large tradeshows like ISC West and ASIS, I must admit that I was really drawn to the cozy, intimate setting of GovSec West where I was able to visit with exhibitors, participate in educational settings where I could actually interact with the speaker and listen to keynote speeches that really resonated the true meaning of safety and security.

Here is a sampling of key information that I learned by attending GovSec:

Mark Donald, retired Navy SEAL – “Individually, we are nothing…it takes the ability of everyone working in harmony…” when it comes to safety and security.

Ronald Layton, deputy chief information officer, U.S. Secret Service – When it comes to cyber security, the individual device doesn’t matter because the key is to keep within the ecosystem of technology, and do not separate physical and cyber.

Victor Vella, federal sector, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America – Speaking about terrorism within our nation, Vella pointed out that we, as the U.S., cannot afford complete protection from terrorism because targets of opportunity are everywhere; however, the goal should be to have countermeasures in place to respond before an act of terrorism occurs.

Todd McGhee, managing partner/co-founder, Protecting the Homeland Innovations, LLC – Showing profiles of terrorists and speaking about terrorism and the theory of behavior analysis, four myths about terrorism was presented:

  • Terrorist’s acts are random. Not true, they are planned out step-by-step!
  • Terrorists are poor. Not true, some have people all over the world sending them money to further their cause.
  • Terrorists are likely to cross into the U.S. from Mexico. Not true, there is no record of this happening.
  • Terrorists are mainly of Muslim descent. Not true, a terrorist can be anyone!

I could literally write a novel about what all I learned at GovSec this year!  I hope you take this snipit of information regarding security and safety and apply it.

Let me know what information you found the most interesting and how you have applied it in your personal and professional life!

Posted by Ginger Hill on Dec 03, 2013

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