Target Hack Leads to Realizations

Target Hack Leads to Realizations

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking one-on-one with Raj Samani, EMEA CTO for McAfee, a member of EUROPOL CyberCrime Centre and a member of Cloud Security Alliance to review McAfee’s 2014 predictions of security risks. At one point in the conversation, Samani referred to the recent Target hacks and cybercriminals, unveiling two need-to-know realizations for the upcoming months:

Cybercrime as a Service

Here’s the scary truth: anybody can be a cybercriminal! There are programs being manufactured out there that are cost effective and readily available that you or I could buy right now, deploy it in the malicious way that it is intended, and BOOM! We’re cybercriminals!

What’s even scarier? There are FREE ways to become a cybercriminal. By using YouTube, people have uploaded “how-to” video after video of techniques, outlining exactly what to do to begin your career as a cybercriminal.

Because of this, cybercrime has become its own economy, being sold (or given) as a service to others.

Target Hack Leads to RealizationsThe General Perception of Cybercriminals

Society’s general perception of cybercriminals are teenagers sitting in their mom and dad’s basement with their glasses and their computer on, wreaking havoc online; however, this is not typically the case. Most cybercriminals are very sophisticated, knowledgeable and span the borders of countries. Because of this, they are difficult to find.

Circling back around to the Target hacks, Samani said that it is important for all involved to realize that their personal data is now available to anyone. The hackers responsible for the Target hack are sitting on a goldmine in that they have all your data and can now sell it for a profit.

Be sure to read my article, “4 Easy-to-Do Tips to Defend Against the Target Hacks,” to take proactive measures if you believe your private information was stolen during the Target hack, and sign up for FREE credit monitoring provided by Target through Protect my ID, a part of Experian.

Would love to hear your thoughts and advice about fighting cybercrime during 2014.

Posted by Ginger Hill on Jan 14, 2014

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