WikiLeaks Divulges List of Facilities and Resources 'Vital' to U.S.

WikiLeaks' publishing of classified information on their open-to-the-international-public website is disturbing. Not only are their folks privy with top secret, secret and other clearance levels, but they are willingly divulging this information knowing about WikiLeaks' purpose. 

In our war against Iraq, we try to defeat them by not just taking out the threat in front of us but by going to the source. It seems that such cases as the Manning case, we did find the source of the leak and introduced him/her to the justice system. However, it’s not enough and not quick enough. If you look at what is happening to a lot of good law enforcement in Mexico, just at the implication of trying to fulfill their justice or greater good duties, it will be a precursor to what will happen to the occupants and employees at this Mexico site(s).

Each of us have valuable items in our homes (guns, heirloom jewelry, cash, birth certificates, car titles, etc.) that we hide and don’t disclose their location to outside folks. This is no different. WikiLeaks is divulging our list of valuable data, which includes lists of valuable locations, to outsiders who wish to do harm to them. The equivalent would be to send a location listing of our most critical items in our homes to parolees who were arrested for burglary or robbery. In doing so, no specific law wasbroken, but a lot of expensive security improvements would be needed to prepare against these potential threats and attacks. 

When will we see the personal information, including address, telephone number, schools children or grandchildren attend, released to the public? This is no different than what WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange is doing by hosting this site and radicalizing the release of this information.

So far, WikiLeaks has divulged:

  • Fears that terrorists may acquire Pakistani nuclear material
  • Several Arab leaders urged attack on Iran over nuclear issue
  • U.S. instructs spying on key UN officials
  • China's changing ties with North Korea
  • Yemen approved U.S. strikes on militants
  • Personal and embarrassing comments on world leaders
  • Afghan leader Hamid Karzai freed dangerous detainees
  • Russia is a "virtual mafia state" with widespread corruption and bribery
  • Afghan President Hamid Karzai is "paranoid and weak"
  • The extent of corruption in Afghanistan
  • Chinese leadership "hacked Google"
  • Tell me what you think of this information and Julian Assange. Is he a First Amendment hero or criminal?

    Posted by Charlie Howell on Dec 06, 2010

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