It’s True: The House Always Wins

Anthony Michael CarleoDanny Ocean knew it well: The house always wins. Police arrested a man this week who they allege grabbed $1.5 million in casino chips at the Bellagio, then escaped via motorcycle. And their find was the result of some equally low-tech police work.

Anthony Michael Carleo, 29, was apprehended this week after he met with undercover police agents to try to sell a batch of high-value chips, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Interestingly, at the time of his arrest, he was staying at the Bellagio. Perhaps he cashed in some of his lower-value chips, which would have been taken without the security precautions of the high-value chips, at the casino beforehand.

Of course, though, this is all speculative. Just because Carleo had those chips doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s the Bellagio thief. But how else could he have come by them? It will be interesting to see what his defense is.

Posted by Laura Williams on Feb 04, 2011

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