Manchester Airport Taps Holograms to Work Security Queues

Holographic Security StaffIn a sign that the high-tech world of the Jetsons is coming sooner than we think, Manchester airport in the United Kingdom is employing two holographic staff members as part of its security screening process.

The holograms, sadly, don’t interact with passengers the way Rosie the robot did with George and Jane Jetson, but instead are recorded messages from two airport employees dispensing the advice about having boarding passes ready and trashing liquids and gels. According to the airport, the holograms are of such high quality that they actually look real – some passengers have actually presented their boarding credentials to them.

While their content is not exactly revolutionary, their form is. Because of this wow factor – when was the last time you saw a hologram up-close-and-personal? – it seems like a good way to get passengers to pay attention, which should reduce the amount of time they spend fumbling with bags of shampoo and digging through wallets once they reach the scanning terminal.

Additionally, the holograms free up regular security employees to focus on screening passengers and sussing out suspicious behavior. This can only be good news for agents, who are among the lowest-paid of all federal workers, despite having a stressful, conflict-intensive job.

How else do you think airports could employ technology like this to make screening just a little easier?

Posted by Laura Williams on Feb 01, 2011

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