Alleged Intruder Calls Police For Protection Against Homeowner

Feeling he was in danger, 24-year-old Timothy James Chapek called 911 Monday from a Portland home. There was just one slight problem -- he was the alleged intruder and was calling police for protection from the possibly gun-wielding homeowner.

At 7:07 p.m., the unidentified homeowner returned and questioned (I would assume forcefully) why Chapek was in the home. That caused him to lock himself in the bathroom and make the 911 call.

At the same time, the homeowner called polic, eliciting a strong response of officers and a K-9 unit. Police got Chapek out of the bathroom and booked him into the Multnomah County Jail on a misdemeanor criminal trespass charge.

"Based on what I learned last night, maybe there's some issues with mental health or substance abuse or both," said Sgt. Pete Simpson from the Portland Police Department.

A quick check shows this is not the first time Chapek has been in trouble with the law.

But to his credit, Simpson said it appears that Chapek wasn’t intent on stealing anything -- he just wanted to take a shower. I’m sure that made the homeowner feel better.

Police officials never confirmed whether the homeowner did have a gun. Hopefully, Chapek doesn’t plan a move to Texas anytime soon. All a gun (and a concealed handgun permit) can get you is waved past security at the Texas capitol in Austin.

Posted by Brent Dirks on Mar 08, 2011

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