ISC West Thief

UPDATED: World's Dumbest Criminal: Las Vegas Edition

At ASIS in October, we were incredulous that members of a cleaning crew would try to steal a laptop from, of all places, a security show – which was, at the time, likely the most surveillance-dense area in the whole Metroplex.

I’m even more incredulous today, though, because someone tried to do it again.

At ISC West last week, a man had his eye on ATV’s iPad, which was at the company’s booth to demonstrate the ability to stream video to such remote devices. A friend asked ATV’s Duncan Havlin for a demo of the company’s product, and while Havlin was talking, the thief nabbed the iPad, which was engraved with “Advanced Technology Video” on the back.

It’s not exactly the kind of thing you can show off to all your friends.

As happened in Dallas last year, the overabundance of security cameras captured – and stored – the whole scene. You can see him in a black Chargers shirt, look to see if the coast is clear and then swipe the Apple device.

Police distributed the security camera images across the region via CrimeDex, a 3VR network that helps law-enforcement and fraud-prevention officials in different districts share information, and a suspect was apprehended over the weekend.

The lesson here is the same as it was at ASIS last year: If you’re going to steal something, stealing from a security trade show – especially one that emphasizes video surveillance – is probably not the best idea.

But will that stop people? I don’t think so. There are only a few months until ASIS – and I’ve heard that the third time’s the charm…

UPDATE: April 15, 2011

Apparently there were at least two thieves at ISC West this year. The cameras at VITEK’s booth saw a man casually walk over to the Relong booth, nab a briefcase, and then slip back into the stream of traffic in the aisles. It’s around the 40-second mark on the video below.

Posted by Laura Williams on Apr 15, 2011

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