Taking Building Automation to the Next Level

The idea of building automation took on a whole new dimension in New Zealand on Friday, when a supermarket’s security system opened the store up for business – without any of the staff inside.

The grocery store, Pak ’n Save, was supposed to be closed for Good Friday in accord with a New Zealand law that prohibits businesses from opening on the holiday. A glitch in the automation system interfered with the command to keep the store’s electronics off and the doors locked on Friday, so the building’s lights were blazing and its doors open that morning.

While many shoppers hauled off cartloads of stolen groceries before the police arrived sometime after 9 a.m., a number of people, upon finding the absence of staff, simply looked around and left.

On a positive note for automation technology, 12 people did pay using the automated self-checkout machines.

Posted by Laura Williams on Apr 25, 2011

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