Tip Of The Day: Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Connection

If you’re one of the estimated 201 million households worldwide that use a Wi-Fi connection, here’s a bit of friendly advice -- password protect the connection.

Why the warning? You really don’t want to be like a homeowner in Buffalo, N.Y.

The nameless citizen’s morning tranquility was interrupted in early March by a swarm of agents from  Immigration and Customs Enforcement breaking into his house and arresting him on charges of downloading child pornography. There was only one problem -- he didn’t do it.

After seizing all of the electronics in the house, it took three days for the authorities to figure out that the homeowner wasn’t the guilty party and that a neighbor “borrowed” his unsecured and unprotected Wi-Fi connection  to download the despicable images. The 25-year-old neighbor was charged with a federal offense.

What does the homeowner have to show for the situation? Well allegedly, according to his lawyer, cuts and bruises after being thrown down his stairs during the arrest.

We’ve tackled how to secure your Wi-Fi connection more than once in our tips section of the website. Take a look at our tips and more information from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

It may take a few minutes and a few more mouse clicks, but unlike the Buffalo man -- who got fed up during the router setup process and didn’t enable security -- you won’t have to worry about giving anyone nearby your Internet connection and the consequences that might entail.

Posted by Brent Dirks on Apr 26, 2011

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