Police Track Down Alleged Texas Robber with Help From Facebook Photo

Apparently, robbing banks in the Forth Worth area still didn’t provide Jazzmyne Dunlap enough cash to purchase a new wardrobe.

The alleged robber was indicted by a grand jury this week on one count of bank robbery. And she was tracked down thanks to some decidedly high and low-tech police work.

Police officials said Dunlap, 21, was responsible for a spree of three bank robberies that started in October and ended in mid-April.

After the first robbery, Dunlap inexplicably shed most of her clothing that was later collected for DNA profiling.

During the third robbery, she was wearing quite an interesting long-sleeved, blue sweatshirt -- complete with an “SPDENIM” logo.

In May, the DNA from the first robbery came back as a match to Dunlap, who previously just happened to have a conviction for burglary and auto theft in Tennessee. Once released on probation in September last year, she failed to report to authorities after presumably coming to Texas.

With a name to match the DNA thanks to Tennessee officials, police began to search social networks -- including Facebook. Dunlap was apparently easy to track down. And in one online photo, she just happened to be wearing the unique sweatshirt from the third robbery.

But Dunlap won’t have to worry about a wardrobe for the immediate future. A magistrate ordered her to be held because she is a flight risk with no job or ties to the community.

Posted by Brent Dirks on Jun 29, 2011

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