Electronics-Stealing TSA Agent Allegedly Caught With iPad Stuffed Down Pants

Along with worrying about terrorists implanting explosives under skin, maybe TSA officials should also be concerned about what  agents are stuffing inside their pants.

Case in point, 30-year-old Nelson Santiago. The agent, who at worked Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, was arrested this week on two counts of grand theft on allegations that he stole more than $50,000 of electronics in a six-month reign of terror at Terminal 1.

Santiago was finally caught by an eagle-eyed airline employee who saw him take an iPad from a flier’s luggage and stuff it down his pants.

After his arrest, Santiago , who had worked as a screener since 2009, admitted to taking such electronics as computers, GPS devices and video cameras from carry-on luggage he was supposed to be screening.

Showing his efficiency for crime, Santiago would immediately take pictures of the stolen items and post online to sell, law enforcement said. Usually, the goods would be sold before Santiago’s shift ended. How is that for protecting the traveling public?

Fortunately, he is no longer employed by the TSA, and more charges are pending against him. Cops said they are looking for travelers Santiago victimized, but the chances are low that their electronics will ever be returned.


Posted by Brent Dirks on Jul 08, 2011

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