DHS: Terrorists May Consider Implanting Explosives in Human Bodies

Terrorists have gotten progressively sneakier in their attempts to conceal explosives from TSA screeners. First it was shoes. Then liquids. Then underwear. Now, DHS says terror organizations may be looking to implant plastic explosives under human skin.

TSA has ramped security up for each new explosives-concealing tactic, and each time passengers have complained. We’ve had to start taking our shoes off, limiting the liquids we carry on and be subjected to screenings many consider invasive. But how is TSA going to scan inside bodies?

Obviously, the department is being rather tight-lipped about its new counterterrorism efforts, but TSA spokesman Nick Kimball did say that new security measures for those flying into the U.S. from outside the country "may include interaction with passengers, in addition to the use of other screening methods such as pat-downs and the use of enhanced tools and technologies."

Experts are divided as to the feasibility of pulling off an attack like this. Implantation surgery would have to be completed in advance of the flight to give bombers time to recover, but not too far in advance, otherwise the body would begin to reject the implanted foreign object. Additionally, there are only so many places in the body where one could hide explosives. But many say it’s still possible.

What do you think? Does this present a real threat to U.S. security, or is it overblown and over exaggerated?

Posted by Laura Williams on Jul 07, 2011

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