Police Chase Drunken Forklift Thief

It was not a typical day’s work for Fort Worth police this weekend. And while vehicle chases often take police through neighborhoods and across busy highways, it’s not too often that the suspect’s choice of getaway vehicle is a forklift.

Over the weekend, a drunken man stole a forklift from a construction site near the city’s downtown and decided he’d take it for a spin. The cops weren’t far behind. And not too far behind them was a pair of college students who caught most of the chase – if that’s a word you can apply to a low-speed pursuit of a piece of construction equipment – on video.

As a single cop car chased him up one of the city’s popular thoroughfares, the students saw the man throw crumpled beer can at his pursuer. At one point, Raines lowered and raised the fork, which they thought could possibly portend a destructive rampage.

Instead, the man made the sensible choice of heading for the highway. Merging the machine onto Interstate 30, Raines made it clear he wasn’t giving up. Even when officers Tased him, he – and his dog, who was sitting right beside him – kept right on chugging.

But then, just when he was on a roll, he stopped. Police arrested him, and charged him with a litany of crimes: aggravated assault on police officer (for the beer can), theft (of the forklift), evading arrest and DWI.

Who knew DWI statutes applied to non-traditional motor vehicles? Certainly not me. And that’s why we’ve got law enforcement: To save us from the rampages of forklift-wielding drunks. Seriously, though – had that man gone unchecked, he could have done thousands of dollars in damage, not to mention endangered the lives of motorists around him. So thanks, policewomen and men, for keeping us secure day after day.

Posted by Laura Williams on Aug 17, 2011

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