Robber Tries, Fails to Take Cash From 7-Eleven Dressed as Gumby

Sad news, apparently Gumby has turned to a life crime. The character, or more likely a man dressed in a Gumby costume, attempted to rob a San Diego-area 7-Eleven earlier this week.

But thanks to the outlandish disguise choice, the would-be robber failed in his attempt because the clerk thought it was a joke.

As seen in the video, around 12:30 a.m. Monday night, the costumed character walked into the store and demanded cash. The man told the clerk he had a gun, but when he attempted to reach for a weapon, loose change came flying out.

Gumby changed his mind about getting the cash after hearing his accomplice honk a car horn outside.

And police think the key to solving the crime might be in identifying the accomplice. The man, who forgot to wear his Pokey costume, entered the store at the same time as the robber, but went outside during the crime to serve as lookout.

Police weren't notified until early the next morning because the clerk's boss had to convince him to file a report. And poor Gumby has seen better days. The clerk had no idea what the costume was, saying it was a green SpongeBob Square Pants.

San Diego police are offering a nice $1,000 reward for identifying either the robber or accomplice.

Posted by Brent Dirks on Sep 09, 2011

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