Violent Attack of an Elderly Man Caught on Camera

One IP camera helped New York police capture a homeless man caught beating an elderly victim on video.

It all happened suddenly one early October afternoon. An elderly man was in his apartment lobby, when someone attacks him from behind, robbing him of his belongings and violently beats him to the ground. The good news was all caught on camera.

Cameron Roebuck, 20, is the suspected man caught on video for attacking an 81-year-old tenant in Bronx, N.Y. The elderly man was entering his building in Parkchester when Roebuck approached the victim from behind, placed him in a chokehold, threw him to the ground and continuously punched and kicked him in the head. Police say the video shows Roebuck violently beating the 81-year-old man in the lobby of the building.

The identity of the victim has not been released.

However, just one day after the violent incident occurred, police were able to identify and locate Roebuck based on the surveillance video. Police were able to make out the attacker’s attire, height, approximate age and point out that he was wearing a backpack at the time of the incident. Now, he is in police custody and faces robbery charges.

Kintronics’s NetEye video surveillance was the key to the assault/robbery case that led to a speedy arrest.

It appears video surveillance is catching amongst residential communities – whether used by an apartment renter, home owner or building supervisor. The way video surveillance is being used is now as a proactive measure against potential criminal threats – as it should be. In Austin, Texas, one homeowner was able to catch the man who burglarized his home this past summer. And, in Dallas, Texas, one woman caught a property prowler on video; even though police decided not to use her video in the case, she took the initiative to install the surveillance system.

Whether or not surveillance video winds up in the hands of police officials, the fact is that people are embarking in a proactive approach against crime. 

Arrest Made In Beating, Robbery Of Elderly Man:

Posted by Christina Miralla on Nov 04, 2011

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