Surveillance Cameras Catch Thief Stealing, Returning Presents

Surveillance Cameras Catch Thief Stealing, Returning Presents

Apparently one thief in New York City has an interesting New Year’s Resolution: stop being a criminal.

In only what can be described as an odd case, surveillance cameras in Staten Island caught a man stealing Christmas deliveries containing expensive clothing off the porch of retired NYPD detective Mike Valloney a few days before the holiday.

Armed with the footage, Valloney went to his neighborhood police precinct.

“I wanted something to show the police in case they recognized him from the area,” Valloney said.

The story made it to evening news locally, and that seemed to spark a change of heart in the thief.

Two days later, the same cameras that caught the crime, captured apparently the same person returning the packages, along with a cardboard note.

“The note said, ‘this is all I took. I’m so sorry and Happy New Year. I just want to do right for this New Year,’” Valloney said.

After the change of heart from the thief, Valloney said he has no plans to press charges and even wants to meet and mentor the person, who has yet to be identified.

Posted by Brent Dirks on Jan 09, 2012

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