Man Says He Hacked Into Mitt Romney's Email By Guessing Security Question

An anonymous tipster is claiming that he hacked into Mitt Romney's Hotmail account. The tipster told Gawker that he was able to access the account after answering Romney's security question correctly. 

The security question: What is your favorite pet?

The account in question is Romney had used the account until 2006 to email staff members. Apparently, the hacker learned of his Hotmail address after reading a Wall Street Journal article that contained some of Romney's old emails.

The tipster told Gawker in an email that, after anwering the security question correctly, he was able to set up a new password for both the Hotmail account and Romney's Dropbox.

Romney's campaign communications director, Gail Gitcho, declined to say if Romney still uses his Hotmail account.

"Proper authorities are investigating this crime and we will have no further comment on it," she said.

It appears Romney's Hotmail address has been deactivated. When the Associated Press tried to email the account, it sent emails back to the AP saying "unknown address."

According to the AP, Rommey's email address was public because he used it to carry out state business while he was governor of Massachusetts. Some of his emails became public records under the Massachusetts Public Records Law.

This isn't the first time someone has hacked into a politician's email account by guessing their security questions.

It happened to Sarah Palin back in 2008, just weeks before the presidential election. A college student from Tennessee hacked into some of her private emails. The student was later convicted.

As for the Mitt Romney case, Gawker hasn't said what the answer is to his security question.

Is this just a Hotmail problem? it really that easy to get into someone's email account? You would think a politician would know how to keep their account safe.

Read the full story here.

Posted by Ariel Brouillard on Jun 06, 2012

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