Storm Chaser Cameras

Tornado Chasers Depend on IQinVision MegaPixel Cameras

When storm chasers in California go in search of tornados, thunderstorms, and other severe weather, they use the technology provided by IQeye megapixel cameras in order to catch all the footage. Using these cameras, an on-board server, and a video management system, storm chasing teams can capture clear, high-quality footage from multiple angles during any storm.

The BAM Chase Team in California has begun using these cameras during each of their storm chases. Their team is well-equipped with a camera mounted to the roof of their GMC Yukon, which allows them to record 360-degree footage from the vehicle. Other cameras are placed on the dashboard and various other locations throughout the SUV. With the mobility and functionality of these cameras, storm chasers have the ability to catch every second of every storm they happen upon.

How many cameras are needed in order for storm chasing teams to capture great footage? Is one or two enough or it is necessary to have close to a dozen? Catching several angles of the same storm can make a huge difference. A tornado may not look too severe from directly in front of it, but it may look completely different from the side. Does having several cameras make the difference in determining the full size and scale of a storm?

Posted by Lindsay Page on Oct 18, 2012

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