Murder Suspect's Great Escape Attempt Ends in Suicide

Murder suspect Brian Hedglin attempted to hotwire a SkyWest Airlines jet at the airport in St. George, Utah, even getting the plane started before crashing into a fence. According to the authorities, he then shot himself dead.

40-year-old Hedglin was wanted in connection with the murder of former girlfriend Christina Cornejo in Colorado Springs. Her body was found on a Friday morning at her residence, after the police had been asked to do a welfare check. An arrest warrant was put out for Hedglin the next day.

Hedglin, a pilot himself, was previously released on a $10,000 bond for harassing Cornejo.

St. George police Capt. James Van Fleet noted that investigators were still awaiting toxicology reports, as well as data from the cockpit recorder.

This incident brings with it several questions though: just how was Hedglin able to gain access to a parked aircraft? Are our airports as safe as we think they are? This may have been an isolated incident at a small airport in Utah, but what is to stop it from happening at a much larger airport? With so much attention paid to the security procedures employed by the TSA, are we still not doing enough?

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Posted by Tyler Thurston on Nov 09, 2012

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