Woman Sentenced to Wear “Idiot” Sign

Shena Hardin, a 32-year old woman from Cleveland, drove on the sidewalk to avoid an unloading school bus. Her traffic-avoiding maneuver was caught on camera and the judge has ordered Hardin to wear a sign saying, “Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus.”

Hardin will have to wear the sign while standing at an intersection for two day. She will be wearing the sign from 7:45 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. on both days. In addition to her “idiot” punishment, Hardin’s license was suspended for 30 days and she was order to pay $250 in court costs.

Driving on the sidewalk just to avoid stopping for a school bus seems more than ridiculous, but is her sentence just as absurd? We all get annoyed with stopping for school buses, especially on the way to and from work, but did Hardin go way too far? Do you think her sentence is enough? What if she would’ve accidentally hit one of the kids that were unloading from the bus?

The “idiot” sign does provide some good laughs, and I know I’d be humiliated if I had to wear such a sign in public. Do you think that is the point of her punishment? That she will be so embarrassed by her sentence that she will never do it again? What do you think? Is an amusing but accurate sentence for her actions enough?

Posted by Lindsay Page on Nov 08, 2012

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