The Takedown of CCTV Cameras

The Takedown of CCTV Cameras

I think it’s safe to say that most of us love our video games. For me, there’s nothing better than coming home after a long, stressful day and playing a little Mortal Combat on my PS3 to take the edge off. But, when video games become real life, serious, violent acts can reveal a dangerous side of society.

Such is the case in Berlin, Germany where a group of activists are demonstrating their own interpretation of the video game Grand Theft Auto. Called Camover, the rules are simple: gather a group, think of a name that starts with a command, followed by the title of a historical figure then destroy as many CCTV cameras as possible. In fact, axes, ropes and pitchforks are encouraged in this game, and the group can even earn bonus points for creative destruction of the cameras. Participants must video their malice destruction and post it on the game’s website, if they are able to find it since it is continuously being shut down. And, of course, it is recommended that each participant’s identity is concealed, although not necessary.

Obviously, the use of surveillance cameras within the city is a controversial issue and has even turned into a political issue. Because petitions and letters only go so far in the German capital, a direct-action approach has been taken by a small but committed group. According to The Guardian, this group calls themselves “workless people – we are shoplifters, graffiti sprayers, homeless and squatters” hoping to motivate people by creating a video invite to a reality game.

Camover has an end date of February 19, 2013, which coincides with the start of the European Police Congress.

So, in the meantime, I became intrigued and found a You Tube video of Camover.

My personal favorite part of this video is from about 2:06 to 2:46. Watch the train passengers. The guy in the orange suit is just calmly watching as the train is vandalized.

What are your thoughts? I mean, do these types of actions really prove a point?

Posted by Ginger Hill on Jan 30, 2013

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