Carry a Gun and Get Your Pizza Cheaper

Carry a Gun and Get Your Pizza Cheaper

With all the issues surrounding security and safety, I found the following to be disturbing, not because I am necessarily opposed to guns, but because of the location.

Virginia Beach pizzeria owner of All Around Pizzas and Deli, Jay Laze, supports guns so much that he is offering a 15% discount. Yep! That’s right! Anyone who walks into Jay’s restaurant toting a firearm or showing a concealed weapon permit automatically gets 15% off their order.

According to Laze, approximately 80% of his customers are coming into his pizzeria packing the heat, and one customer even brought in an AK-47.

“Not everyone who owns a gun is dangerous,” said Laze. (I totally agree with!) “All the laws that are coming out are trying to protect the children.” (I think this makes perfect sense.) “I’ve been sitting here with a gun for the last 45 minutes, and it hasn’t caused any kind of problem.” (Wow, really? Now that Laze has publically stated that he is in possession of a gun, I wonder if this will cause any more problems, since Laze also admitted that he has been robbed four times in the past?)

I understand that as American citizens we have rights, and the right to bear arms is the 2nd Amendment to our constitution. Mind you, I grew up in the country with loaded guns in my home, but I was taught from a very early age all about guns and how to properly handle them. In fact, I still am a gun owner. I do think there is a time and a place for all situations, and I don’t think reverting back to the cowboy days of gun-totin’ saloon brawls is a wise decision, even for a discount on lunch or dinner. We need to remember that the 2nd Amendment was adopted in 1791, 222 years ago, and life was different. People carried guns back then because they were needed for encounters with wild animals or to hunt for food, not necessarily because they just wanted to carry a gun.

I do, however, agree with Laze offering a discount for people showing their concealed weapon permit. A piece of paper can’t kill someone, although a paper cut packs a mean punch, and it demonstrates responsible gun ownership.

How do you feel about Laze’s decision as a business owner?

While this is a strategic marketing idea, does it really make sense?

In the news clip, what did you think of all the children hearing, seeing and being around guns?

I am very excited to get this conversation going!


Posted by Ginger Hill on Feb 25, 2013

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