Equal Security for All Children Teachers and Staff

There has been something on my mind all weekend that I just can’t stop thinking about, so I have to share with you, our readers, to get your thoughts and input. Last week, I published an article about school security that can be found here.

Basically, the article explained that Dallas ISD trustees supported a $4.65 million plan to provide security upgrades, including buzzers on main entrances, security cameras throughout the schools and card readers on side doors, to 150 school campuses. This, in my opinion, is wonderful news.

However, what about less fortunate schools that don’t have enormous funds to better secure their schools? Such is the case with another school district located in Grove, Oklahoma, where local businesses and charities are hosting fundraisers to raise enough money to install security cameras and buzz-in door systems, and to hire a second school resource officer.

Now, you may be thinking Dallas County, population 2,416,014 verses Grove, Oklahoma, population 6,647, of course, Dallas needs those types of funds to provide school security. But, please, let’s not forget about the “small town USA” incident at Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary. Anything can happen at any time anywhere!

As an ex-teacher, I believe that all children deserve the right to attend school, knowing that they will be safe and secure in their learning environment. I also believe that teachers and staff should know that they, too, are safe and secure in their work environment. The children are our future, right? Then, shouldn’t all schools provide the same types of security measures?

How can we make it an equally safe learning environment for ALL children across the U.S. while making it equally as safe for the teachers to teach and the staff to work? Pipe dream or possibility?

Posted by Ginger Hill on Feb 19, 2013

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