Be Offensive to Security Cameras and Get Arrested

Be Offensive to Security Cameras and Get Arrested

Wendy Tucker was arrested on March 6 at 2 a.m. after security cameras caught footage of the woman making lewd gestures, according to a Barnegat Police Report. Tucker apparently stopped her vehicle at an intersection, got out and walked over to a line of security cameras. She then looked right into one camera, extending her middle fingers, and then pulled up her shirt, exposing her chest.

Not long after her little fun and exposure game, police found her vehicle and Tucker was arrested. Her arrest was the result of a no-bail warrant, but she was then additionally charged with lewdness for her actions to the security cameras.

So, does this mean we can all be arrested for making offensive gestures to security cameras? To me, it sounds like this lady wasn’t in the best frame of mind. Maybe she was really upset with someone she knew that monitored the cameras, or maybe she just needed to let off some steam. Public exposure could get anyone arrested, but it makes me wonder if she would’ve been arrested if she’d only flipped off the cameras and nothing more than that.

And what if you were just acting stupid, having some fun, and made “lewd” gestures to a friend that was standing near security cameras? Would you get arrested for that? Surely, there are better reasons to arrest someone than this.

Posted by Lindsay Page on Mar 13, 2013

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