I'm Late, I'm Late for a Very Important Date

Well, if you’re impatient like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, it’s time to load your Starbucks card… wait, you do know you get specials, like free drinks and a birthday surprise, for using a Starbucks card to pay for your favorite java juice, right? Anyway, order your favorite beverage (decaf preferred, helps settle the nerves) and settle down with your iPAD, Kindle, even an “old-timey” book (gasp!), iPhone or any other device of your choosing that will help you pass the time. Why, you ask?

According to CBS News, Government officials are now saying that the wait times at customs of major airports is expected to increase due to a new ban on overtime for customs officers. Whew! You aren’t traveling out of the country, and you haven’t bought anything, so you’re not affected, right?! Think again!

Over the next few weeks, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) plans to freeze hiring and cut overtime, which is predicted to double wait times for those passengers who are not required to go through customs, during peak travel times.

And, even the Federal Aviation Administration is getting in on the action! The FAA plans to furlough all 15,000 controllers at least one day every two weeks. In fact, more than 200 small airports across the U.S. plan to do away with traffic controllers entirely, forcing pilots to coordinate take-offs and landings among themselves. So, what does that mean to the average airplane passenger? You guessed it! Even longer wait times at the airport!

So, we have more lay-offs in the airport industry, longer wait times and the increase of stress on pilots’ jobs. Hmmm, recipe for disaster!?

What do you all think? As always, I value and look forward to your opinions.

Posted by Ginger Hill on Mar 25, 2013

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