Lie Detector Test Weeds Out Racist Applicants

Lie Detector Test Weeds Out Racist Applicants

You see them used on Dr. Phil all the time. Polygraphs or lie-detectors. Internationally-known expert polygraph examiner, Jack Trimarco, has verified if guests are lying or telling the truth numerous times on live TV. But, are polygraph tests really accurate?

Check out how this police chief in “Small Town, USA” is using polygraphs.

The Location: Coppertown, Tennessee.

The Destination: City police department.

What’s going on: Newly-hired police chief is rebuilding the tiny police department that was dismantled by racism scandals.

The rebuilding process: Using a lie-detector test to keep racists off his force.

The reasoning behind using the polygraph was simple. Police Chief Sullivan doubted that racists would even apply for his force if they knew about the lie-detector test during the application process. Candidates are required to answer whether they have ever committed a hate crime or a race-based crime. The test does not ask if candidates have every made a racist remark or slur, nor does it ask people if they are prejudiced against any ethnic or religious minority.

And, has it worked? According to Sullivan it has. “I’ve told a couple of ones [applicants] about the polygraph who have not called me back.”

At this point, I would have to ask if Sullivan himself had taken the lie detector test and to my slight astonishment he did, although there is no mention if he “passed” the polygraph or not. I would hope that the chief of police would keep the same if not higher standards than his officers and staff.

So, what’s the police chief’s overall goal with all this polygraph testing? To establish a professional police department in Coppertown, Tenn., free from scandals and racism, that can eventually provide 24 hour service, 7 days a week. (Sullivan doesn’t even have the staff to police the town around the clock, so he leaves those duties up to the sheriff’s office.)

Let’s hear it, readers! Do you think this is a logical and effective way for Sullivan to keep racist people from applying to be on his police force?

Do you think that polygraph tests and methods are actually accurate enough to determine if someone is racist?

If there are any, what would be better, more accurate ways in which Sullivan could keep racist individuals off his force?

I welcome your thoughts, opinions and comments.

Posted by Ginger Hill on Mar 11, 2013

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